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high temperature aerobic fermenter

Our high temperature aerobic fermenter is specially designed for the harmless treatment and efficient transformation of livestock manure, which can help you achieve the recycling of chicken manure and create multiple environmental and economic values.


  1. Product features.


Fully automatic control system

Our fermenter is equipped with advanced automatic temperature, humidity, pH and other parameters detection and control system to ensure the fermentation process is efficient and stable. The operator only needs to make simple settings and monitoring.

Highly efficient aerobic fermentation

Adopting preferred aerobic microbial strains, together with the well-designed internal structure and ventilation system, it can decompose the organic materials in chicken manure quickly and efficiently under the high temperature condition of 55-70℃, and produce high-quality bio-organic fertiliser.

Pathogen disinfection function

The high temperature (≥55℃) during the fermentation process can effectively kill most of the bacteria, viruses and parasites in the chicken manure, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the final product.

Intelligent monitoring system

Our fermenter is integrated with Internet of Things technology, which can remotely monitor various production parameters and automatically send abnormal alarms to ensure that the user is always aware of the equipment’s operating conditions.


Whether it is fresh chicken manure or chicken manure that has been preliminarily piled up and rotted, our fermenter can handle it with high efficiency and high adaptability.

Application Value


Effective reduction of environmental pollution

Through fermentation treatment, the content of ammonia nitrogen, COD, bacteria and other pollutants in chicken manure can be greatly reduced, eliminating the water and air pollution caused by direct discharge.

Produce high quality bio-organic fertiliser

The fermented bio-organic fertiliser is rich in humus and various nutrients, which can be widely used for fertilising vegetables, fruits and grain crops, improving soil quality and crop yield and quality.

Create additional economic income

Bio-organic fertiliser has a high market value and can bring stable economic income to your chicken farm. You can also gain carbon credits through carbon trading.

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