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High-temperature aerobic fermentation: a win-win solution for manure utilisation

High-temperature aerobic fermentation: a win-win solution for manure utilisation

In the context of increasingly stringent environmental protection and carbon neutrality, how to rationally utilise the large amount of manure produced by livestock farms in a way that minimises environmental pollution and creates economic value for the farms has become a major concern in the industry. Based on years of technical accumulation and practical experience, we have introduced the high temperature aerobic fermentation technology, which provides farmers with an effective manure utilisation solution.


Improve manure processing efficiency

Livestock farms often produce large quantities of manure that are difficult to handle and can cause serious environmental pollution if not handled properly. Our high-temperature aerobic fermentation technology efficiently converts this manure into high-quality biochar, dramatically reducing the total amount of manure that needs to be processed while completely eliminating pathogens and parasites, laying the groundwork for the subsequent use of biochar.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Livestock farms often produce large amounts of greenhouse gases (GHG) such as methane and nitrous oxide during manure processing, which have a negative impact on climate change. Our high-temperature aerobic fermentation technology can effectively curb the production of these greenhouse gases, thereby significantly reducing the carbon footprint of livestock farms. At the same time, the biochar produced can further lock up carbon, creating additional carbon trading revenue for the farmer.

Improve crop yield and quality

As a high-quality soil conditioner, biochar has the characteristics of loosening the soil and improving water and fertiliser retention. Numerous experiments have proven that the application of biochar in farmland can not only significantly increase crop yields, but also improve crop quality and nutrient content. This not only creates higher income for farmers, but also helps to meet the market demand for green and pollution-free agricultural products.

Creating new economic income

Biochar produced through high-temperature aerobic fermentation can not only be used as a soil conditioner for farms’ own use, but can also be sold as a high value-added agricultural input to neighbouring farmers or horticultural enterprises. Taking a medium-sized livestock farm as an example, it can generate hundreds of thousands of yuan of revenue from the sale of biochar every year, which greatly improves the overall economic efficiency of the farm.

To sum up, our high temperature aerobic fermentation technology provides a fruitful solution for livestock farms to utilise manure, which can not only effectively reduce environmental pollution, but also create new economic value for farms. We are looking forward to cooperating with you and bringing more value to your livestock farm.

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