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High Temperature Aerobic Fermentation: The Ideal Choice for CAFO Manure Management

High Temperature Aerobic Fermentation: The Ideal Choice for CAFO Manure Management

As CAFOs continue to expand, the problem of manure management is becoming more and more apparent, not only imposing a heavy burden on farm operations, but also causing serious pollution to the surrounding environment. Our high-temperature aerobic fermentation technology can effectively address the manure management challenges faced by CAFOs, creating economic value for farmers while protecting the environment.


Solving CAFO manure overload

CAFOs produce large quantities of manure due to the concentrated feeding of large numbers of livestock, far exceeding the digestive capacity of the farm. Traditional manure treatment methods, such as returning manure directly to the land or landfill, cannot effectively digest and treat the huge amount of manure, and are prone to cause environmental pollution. Our high-temperature aerobic fermentation technology can convert all the manure produced by CAFOs into high-quality biochar, greatly reducing the amount of manure that needs to be treated.

Elimination of pathogens and parasites

CAFO manure often contains a large number of pathogens and parasites, such as Salmonella, E. coli, etc., posing serious health risks to the surrounding environment and farm workers. Our high-temperature aerobic fermentation technology kills these harmful microorganisms at temperatures of 60-70 degrees Celsius, ensuring the production of a harmless biochar product.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

CAFOs produce large amounts of greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide during manure management, contributing to the problem of climate change. Our high-temperature aerobic fermentation technology effectively curbs the production of these greenhouse gases, reducing the carbon footprint of CAFOs, while also generating carbon trading revenue.

Generate revenue from biochar sales

Through high-temperature aerobic fermentation, we can produce a high-quality biochar product. This biochar is not only a good soil conditioner, but can also be sold as a high value-added agricultural input to neighbouring farmers or horticultural enterprises. According to our calculations, each tonne of biochar can be sold for RMB 800-1000, which for a medium-sized CAFO can generate hundreds of thousands of yuan of additional revenue per year.

Improve crop yield and quality

As a soil conditioner, biochar has the advantages of loosening soil and improving water and fertiliser retention. Numerous experiments have proven that applying biochar to farmland can not only significantly increase crop yields, but also improve crop quality and nutrient content. This means that CAFOs can obtain higher selling prices for agricultural products and further increase economic returns.

To sum up, by adopting our high temperature aerobic fermentation technology, CAFO can not only effectively solve the problem of manure treatment, but also create considerable economic returns, achieving a win-win situation for both environmental protection and economic benefits. We are looking forward to cooperating with you further and bringing more value to your CAFO.


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