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chicken manure fermentation

The chicken manure fermentation process does have some environmental impacts, but these can be minimised with appropriate treatment measures. Let me tell you more about the situation.

Firstly, there is the problem of bad odour. Chicken manure in the fermentation process will release some ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and other malodorous gases. This will not only affect the working environment of the workers, but also may cause some trouble to the neighbourhood. For this reason, our fermenter is equipped with an advanced biological deodorisation system. Through the oxidation and decomposition of microorganisms, the system effectively removes the main components of malodorous gases and ensures that the emissions are harmless and odourless. At the same time, we also set up a highly efficient water spraying device to further improve the deodorisation effect. After these treatments, the discharged gas can meet the national environmental protection standards and will not affect the surrounding environment.


Next is the problem of waste water. In the fermentation process, will produce a certain amount of leachate, which contains a large number of organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus and other pollutants. If directly discharged, it will easily cause water pollution. For this reason, we have set up a special collection tank under the fermentation tank to collect the wastewater centrally. Afterwards, we will carry out in-depth treatment, including pH adjustment, flocculation and sedimentation, biodegradation and other processes, to ensure that all indicators can meet the relevant emission standards. The treated wastewater can be reused for cleaning and spraying of the fermentation tanks, thus realising the recycling of resources.


In addition, the fermentation process also produces some waste residues, mainly cellulose and other substances that cannot be completely decomposed. We will collect these residues for further aerobic composting to turn them into better organic fertiliser. The whole process will not produce any secondary pollution.


In short, our chicken manure fermentation plant has made all-round consideration and investment in environmental protection. Whether it is odourous gas, waste water or waste residue, we have adopted advanced treatment technology to ensure the environmental friendliness of the whole production process. We not only strictly comply with relevant national laws and regulations, but also strive to continuously optimise our processes to minimise the impact on the environment.

I believe that with such comprehensive environmental protection measures, our chicken manure fermentation plant will be able to completely solve the various environmental problems you are concerned about, and provide you with a truly green solution. If you have any other questions, please feel free to consult me, I will do my best to serve you.

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