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what is the best way to compost poultry manure?

Summer is coming, terrible smell from farms will affect surrounding residents, do you still worry about the processing of the poultry manure?

Across farms worldwide, organic waste such as crop residues, animal manure, and leftover feed accumulate, posing environmental and health risks.

Traditional waste disposal methods, like landfilling or open-air decomposition, contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, soil degradation, and water pollution. As a result, innovative solutions are urgently needed to tackle this growing problem.


Unveiling Bolong Poultry Manure Compost Tanks: Your Green Solution


 Anaerobic fermentation microorganisms grow slowly and require long cultivation times. Traditional anaerobic digestion methods have low treatment efficiency. At the same time, the equipment is large and will produce odorous and harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide.


7-day rapid fermentation

Bolong poultry manure compost tank adopts a closed tank structure with a constant temperature of about 60°C, which is an ideal temperature for the reproduction of aerobic microorganisms. It can quickly decompose the organic matter of feces and process it into high-nutrient organic fertilizers. By carefully controlling temperature, humidity and oxygen levels in specialized fermenters, Bolong creates an optimal environment for microbial activity. Under such conditions, microorganisms multiply in large numbers, effectively decomposing organic matter and producing nutrient-rich organic fertilizer in just 7 days.


Less floor space

Tank diameter (mm) 6000
Total Height (mm) 8440
Tank height (mm) 3900
Minimum footprint (m²) 60
Tank volume  (m²) 102
Daily water consumption (m²) 1
Hopper volume  (m²) 1.35
Handling capacity(m)
50-70%moisture   content
manure,animal   carcasses)
Output (m)
(moisture content about 30%)
Bottom blower (KW) 12.5*2


Unlike anaerobic fermentation, Bolong poultry manure compost tank adopt a three-dimensional closed design, which greatly reduces the land area used. The standard model No. 102 Bolong fermentation tank covers an area of only 60 square meters. In this case of saving land use area, large-scale processing capacity can be achieved. The 102 model fermentation tank can process 8-12 tons of animal manure per day and produce 4-5 tons of high-quality organic fertilizer per day.


Works even at -30℃

The middle part of the Bolong poultry manure compost tank is a double-layer insulated tank. The inner wall of the tank is lined with 304 stainless steel plates, which effectively extends the life of the tank and reduces clinker residue. There is an insulation layer filled with polyurethane foaming agent in the middle, and the outer wall is made of Thick steel plates are used to support the tank body, which can adapt to high temperature and cold environments. It can still operate normally even at minus 30 degrees.


No odor, no secondary pollution

Bolong specially designed a heat exchange deodorization device. When the gas passes through the device, it is quickly condensed, further reducing emissions. At the same time, the heat is recovered and re-entered into the tank for recycling, reducing energy consumption. The thermal energy in the tank is recycled to avoid the waste of electric energy caused by the continuous heating of the heating fan, which plays a role in energy conservation and environmental protection; the liquid organic fertilizer produced after being processed by the deodorization system can be directly returned to the field for use.



Why choose Bolong poultry manure compost tank ?


Towards a Greener Future

Choosing Bolong poultry manure compost tank means embracing sustainability. By minimizing waste and harnessing its potential, these tanks play a vital role in conserving natural resources. In a world striving for eco-friendly solutions, Bolong poultry manure compost tank stand out as an example of innovation driving positive change.


Committed to Quality and Certification

With over 30 years of experience in organic waste treatment, Bolong Group is a name synonymous with reliability and excellence. The compost tanks have undergone rigorous testing and hold CE certification, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and ISO-45001 certifications, reflecting the commitment to quality and safety.


Elevating Waste Management with Technology

Bolong’s factory adopts state-of-the-art production equipment, including the TRUMPF 7000 from Germany and Japanese YASKAWA welding robots, ensures precision and efficiency in the manufacturing process. This advanced technology guarantees product durability, extending the lifespan of Bolong Compost Tanks.


Discover the power of transformation Together, let’s turn waste into opportunity and pave the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.

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